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YZP (YZB) motor series : working principle and overview
1.Brief introduction:
YZP(YZB) series frequency speedcontrol threephase asynchronous motors (hereinafter called the motors) for hoisting and metallurgy integrate the advantages of threephase asynchronous motor for hoisting, metallurgy, various frequency and speed control. They have the advantages of large overload capacity, high mechanical strength, wide range of speed regulation and stable operation Their basic technical conditions comply with IEC34-1 international standard and GB755 national standard. Various performance indexes of motors are equivalent with those in the 1990s from abroad.This type of Motors can be used for various hoisting and metallury machinery or other similar equipments, and they can be used in occasions in hoisting, braking and reversion.
2.Structure installation type of motors
3.Installation and envelop dimensions
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